The world record for the men's 100m track and field is 9.58 seconds. So, what is the world record for para athletics?

World records in para athletics vary by class. The fastest time was 10 seconds 29.

In para track and field, athletes compete in "classes" based on the nature of their obstacles, and world records are recognized by class. Currently, the fastest 100m time is 10.29 seconds, held by Petruchio Santos dos Ferreira, who has an upper limb disability (T46/47 class). This is just a small difference from Usain Bolt's (Jamaican) men's 100m world record of 9.58 seconds. With the efforts of para-athletes, including those in other classes, and advancements in prosthetic technology, the gap may continue to narrow in the future. By the way, the world record for men's para track and field long jump (T64 class) is 8.72m held by Markus Rehm (Germany). This is only a 23cm difference from Mike Powell's world record of 8.95m. Please pay attention to the records at this Kobe tournament.