What is Para Athletics?

Athletics is mainly divided into track and field events. In competitions, athletes compete in various athletic events in these categories. Para athletics is mostly the same, but because athletes with various disabilities, such as those in wheelchairs or those with prosthetic legs or visual impairments, participate in the same competitions, even the same event is divided into different classes according to the type and degree of disability.

What is Para Athletics?
What is Para Athletics?


The basis of sports is that athletes compete with each other under the same conditions. In para athletics, athletes are divided into classes based on predetermined standards so that they can compete with each other as fairly as possible. The classification is done by "classifiers" who have the necessary knowledge and qualifications. Each class is shown as a combination of the event type (T: track events, F: field throwing events) and a number.

T33 T33

"T" stands for Track, which means running and jumping events, and "F" for Field, which means field throwing events.

T/Track includes running events (100m to marathon) and jumping events (long jump, high jump, triple jump).

F/Field includes field throwing events (shot put, discus, javelin, and club).

This number represents the impairment type and/or competition format (e.g. using a wheelchair).

  • 10s Standing athletes with visual impairment
  • 20s Standing athletes with intellectual disabilities
  • 30s Standing athletes with neurogenic paralysis such as myotonia, myotonia, and motor disabilities, and athletes who use wheelchairs or throwing tables
  • 40s Standing athletes with disabilities such as short stature, leg length difference, amputation (unused prosthesis), muscle weakness, etc.
  • 50s Athletes using wheelchairs or throwing tables with disabilities such as leg length difference, amputation, range of motion limitation
  • Athletes who participate in the competition with artificial legs for reasons such as amputation in the 60s

This number represents the degree of impairment.A number from 0 to 9 is assigned according to the degree of disability. The smaller the number is, the more severe the disability is.

Appeal of Para Athletics

Para-athletics, like other sports, has set a new record through the daily efforts of athletes who are particular about 1 second and 1 cm. There are also many competitions where you can feel the dynamism of athletes. Finally, the World Para Athletics Championships will be held in Kobe in 2024, and athletes from all over the world will visit this Kobe. In sports, the cheers you send are the source of power for athletes. I would like to know the appeal of para-athletics as much as possible and encourage many athletes during the tournament.

Appeal of Para Athletics
Appeal of Para Athletics