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01 01 01 01 About the Championships

The World Para-Athletics Championships is the world's premier para-athletics competition, founded by the International Paralympic Committee. The first convention was held in Berlin, Germany in 1994, and has been held every two years since the fifth convention in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011.
The 10th convention was scheduled to be held in Kobe in 2021, but the global epidemic of the new coronavirus forced it to be postponed twice. Finally, in May 2024, it will be held in Kobe for the first time in East Asia. People with disabilities and healthy people will work together to "connect" the excitement of the "Tokyo 2020 Paralympics" and the growing interest in parasports to the next generation, "expand" the circle of exchange through sports, and who, including people with disabilities. We are aiming for a tournament that "promotes" the creation of a town where people can live comfortably.

02 02 02 02 Kobe

Kobe is a port city that has prospered as one of Japan's leading international trading ports. Since the opening of "Kobe Port" in 1868, it has developed as a gateway connecting various parts of Japan with other countries, and from the accumulation of these connections, a unique open, bright and enterprising spirit flows throughout the city. Although Kobe was severely damaged by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in1995, it has been largely rebuilt with support from both home and abroad. In recent years, various projects such as the implementation of the world's first retinal sheet transplantation operation using iPS cells, the formation of medical clusters (highly specialised hospitals, etc.), and the operation of the supercomputer "Fugaku" have progressed, and new growth continues in many areas.

03 03 03 03 Venue

The "Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium", official venue for the Championships, is one of Japan's leading multi-purpose stadiums, which was built in conjunction with the 1985 Summer Universiade. It was also used as a venue for the 1989 Kobe FESPIC Games.

04 04 Para Sports and Kobe

The FESPIC Games (formerly the Far East and South Pacific Games Federation for the Disabled) is an international general competition other than the Paralympics in which Japan has participated. This tournament was proposed and realized by Dr. Yutaka Nakamura, who is called the "father of the Japanese Paralympics", to improve the welfare of people with disabilities in Asia and the South Pacific through sports. Starting with (Oita / Beppu) and ending at the 9th Games in 2006 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), the event was held with the aim of promoting parasports in the Asia-South Pacific Ocean. Its philosophy and achievements are now being carried over to the Asian Para Games. In 1989, the 5th tournament was held in Kobe, which led to the establishment of parasports clubs such as swimming, wheelchair tennis, and para table tennis, and the Japanese women's wheelchair basketball championship continued. Its legacy is connected to the present, such as being done.

Event Outline

Kobe 2022 marks the milestone 10th edition of the World Para Athletics Championships, and will also mark the first time the Championships are held in East Asia.

Event title

Official name: 神戸2024世界パラ陸上競技選手権大会
English name: Kobe 2024 Para Athletics World Championships

Championships Period

May 17th (Fri) to 25th (Sat), 2024

Championships Venue

Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium

Number of participating players (expected)

Approx. 1,300 people from some 100 countries/regions are expected to participate.

Championships Vision

  • Advancement of the Paralympic Movement and Para Sports -つなげる Connect-
    To carry forward the inspiration and excitement from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, and push interest in Para Sports to new heights.
  • Facilitation of international goodwill -ひろげる Spread-
    To transmit the image of “The City of International Sports, Kobe” to the world, and spread exchange through sports to even more people.
  • Realisation of an inclusive society -すすめる Advance-
    To use the Championships as an opportunity to advance inclusive town planning for all, with or without disabilities.

What is the World Para Athletics Championships?

The World Para Athletics Championships is the world's premier para athletics competition founded by the International Paralympic Committee. The first Championships was held in Berlin, Germany in 1994, and has been held every two years since the fifth Championships in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011.

Event Year Host City / Country
1st 1994 Berlin, Germany
2nd 1998 Birmingham, United Kingdom
3rd 2002 Lille, France
4th 2006 Assen, Netherlands
5th 2011 Christchurch, New Zealand
6th 2013 Lyon, France
7th 2015 Doha, Qatar
8th 2017 London, United Kingdom
9th 2019 Dubai, United Arab Emirates