"Kobe 2024 World Para Athletics" PR booth exhibition and street athletics held at "OSAKA Sports Park 2022 in Ten-Shiba"!

PR for the Kobe 2024 Para Athletics World Championships will be held at OSAKA Sports Park 2022 in Ten-Shiba. The "Street Athletics"*, which was held at Kobe Meriken Park last time and was so exciting that even a new Japanese record was set in front of many spectators, will also be held! Active para-athletes will also participate.

*“Street Athletics” is an initiative to create opportunities for many people to experience sports by para-athletes, which can only be seen at competition venues, by holding them on street corners.

1 Date and time

November 6, 2022(Sunday)

2 place

Tennoji Park Entrance Area "Ten-Shiba"
Subway Midosuji Line / Tanimachi Line "Tennoji" Station, JR "Tennoji" Station, Kintetsu "Osaka Abenobashi" Station, Hankai Uemachi Line "Tennoji Ekimae" Station

3 Contents

Thrower(1) Street track and field (sitting throwing*) Management: Japan Para Athletics Federation Active para athletes will also participate! Let's experience para sports together!
*Target: Infants to elementary school students *Seated throwing is a unique para-athletics event designed so that wheelchair users and people with lower limb disabilities can also participate in the throwing event of track and field. In addition to the shot put, discus, and javelin throws, there is also the club throw, which is unique to para-athletics. Athletes sit on a throwing platform (a platform on which the body is fixed) and secure their lower legs with straps. Compete for the throwing distance using only the upper body. This time, it is a seated throwing experience using a softball. By all means, please “sit down and throw” and experience street athletics.


(2) Racer (competition wheelchair) Try your speed in a competition wheelchair! How many kilometers per hour can you go?
* Target: Mainly elementary and junior high school students, it will be an experience on a practice roller.

Racer experience child






(3) PR booth Let's liven up the tournament together with photo panel displays, photo frames, original goods lottery, and more!
* For the original goods lottery, lottery tickets will be handed out to those who have either a seated throwing experience, a racer ride experience, a photo shoot at the photo booth, or a follow-up on the official Twitter.
* It will end as soon as the number is gone.



OSAKA Sports Park 2022 in TEN-SHIBA

Aiming to promote civic sports as a legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we will hold hands-on corners and talk shows by top athletes so that even those who do not usually have the opportunity to come into contact with sports can easily participate in the enjoyment of sports. It is an event that you can fully feel. For details, please refer to the "OSAKA Sports Park" website.

OSAKA Sports Park

OSAKA Sports Park




Organizer: Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Momentum Building Osaka Executive Committee (Osaka City, Osaka City Sports Promotion Committee, Osaka City Sports Association)