The para sports kingdom HYOGO & KOBE "Dream Project 2022" will exhibit a PR booth for "Kobe 2024 World Para Athletics" and hold a hands-on event! !

The para sports kingdom HYOGO & KOBE "Dream Project 2022" will exhibit the "Kobe 2024 World Para Athletics" PR booth and hold a hands-on event! !

Parasport Kingdom HYOGO & KOBE "Dream Project 2022" ~ Information ~

"Para sports kingdomdream project2022“”

Experience parasports with top athletes!


At the "Parasports Kingdom" Dream Project 2022 "", we will hold an experience-based event where you can see and experience the performance of active top athletes and experience the appeal of parasports. Also, at the PR booth, there will be a lottery where you can win original goods for the "Kobe 2024 Para Athletics World Championships," which will be held for the first time in East Asia! Please visit the venue! !


(1) Racer ride experience (cooperation: Grop Sincerite WORLD-AC)

You can learn how to ride a wheelchair racer directly from an active athlete and experience the ride! !

<Top athletes participating on the day>

Hitoshi Matsunaga, player and manager: (center of photo)
Participated in the Beijing, London and Rio Paralympics

Tomoki Ikuma: (Left photo)
Participated in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, current Japanese record holder (200m)

Kyoshin Toyoda: (Right photo)
Bahrain 2021 Asian Youth Para (U-17) gold medalist (100m/400m double crown)

*Target: Anyone



(2) Sports prosthetic leg experience (cooperation: LIXIL Corporation)

Athletes with prosthetic legs will introduce disabilities and prosthetic legs, and you can experience wearing prosthetic legs for sports! !

<Top athletes participating on the day>

Koju Matayoshi: Affiliated with Zenrin Datacom, current Japanese record holder (long jump)

*Target: Anyone




Pre-registration is given priority for all of the above!

Please apply here !

Of course, we are also accepting participation on the day of the day, so please join us! ! !

* Depending on the reception situation, we may refuse to accept participation on the day. note that.


(3) PR booth

Let's liven up the tournament together with photo panel exhibitions, photo booths, and original goods lottery!

* For the original goods lottery, lottery tickets will be handed out to those who have experienced riding a racer, experiencing sports prosthetic legs, taking photos at the photo booth, or following the official Twitter account.
* It will end as soon as the number is gone.