Championships Logo

Tournament logo mark

The Championships logo depicts a massive wave, which broadcasts the growth of sports into the future and the diverse values represented in para sports out into the world.

The lively and carefree lines express the dynamic energy of sports, and the exciting, vivid colouring of the elements express diverse values existing in harmony with one another.

Along with depictions of Port Tower and the Maritime Museum, both landmarks of the harbour town of Kobe, the logo has been designed with a positive message from Kobe to spread peace and diversity through sports.

Championships Key Visual

Championships Key Visual

Design base for the competition venue and decorations in the host city

The key visual was born as an extension of the massive wave featured in the logo. Based on the concept of “the Earth connected by seas, spreading out from Kobe”, the design holds a vision of the worldʼs athletes, supporters and audiences coming together in harmony to accept one anotherʼs diverse values.

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Press Conference - Championships Logo Announcement

On November 27, 2020, the announcement of the Kobe 2022 World Para Athletics Championships logo was held in Tokyo.